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Author of Autumn's Grace

Comfort Zones

Where is your comfort zone?
I like to be comfortable. Clothes that aren’t too tight or too loose, soft fabrics, not too hot or leave me chilled.

I like comfortable places. Places I’ve been before and where I’m surrounded by people I know. The kitchen is usually my most comfortable place. Whether it’s at church, a friend’s house, or my own I’m comfortable in the kitchen.

Between living on a farm and being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve become very comfortable. Maybe even too comfortable.

When I decided to pursue this writing dream, the biggest hurdle I’ve had to overcome is being comfortable. There are a lot of uncomfortable moments ahead. Meeting people, pitching my stories to agents and editors, promoting myself and my writing, overcoming my technical challenges.

Yes, even this blog is way out of my comfort zone! Facebooking? I’m working on that one too!

My comfort zones are being challenged and stretched. When I start to let those fears creep in, I remind myself that God is completely in control. I’m going to keep walking through the doors He opens before me–even if there isn’t a kitchen on the other side! A friend recently reminded me you can’t grow in your comfort zone.

What about you? Where are your comfort zones and are you being pushed out of them?

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