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Author of Autumn's Grace

Living IN this moment

There are those times when I’m with someone whose story causes me to look at my own self deeply. That story that leaves you wondering how the person is even standing upright, how they’ve managed to live joyfully in the midst of the pain.

We spent time with extended family over Labor Day weekend. Every other year we all get together so while I don’t know any of them deeply, they have touched my life and it’s always a joy to get back together.

For the last four years, we’ve watched a couple in their fifties go through a deep valley. This year only the wife was there. Her husband had to be put into a nursing home because a disease has left the front part of his brain paralyzed. He can’t even communicate with her in any way.

She talked. She smiled. She encouraged. She praised God.

And I left the weekend completely convicted. If I knew what the next moment held, would that change my life? If I knew I wasn’t going to have those golden years with my husband, would I throw myself into the now? Do I love my family in a manner that I’ll never question why I didn’t show them more?

People have stories that take my breath away. Stories that break my heart. Stories that make me question. Stories that scream at me that I am blessed and at this moment, I should take full advantage of those blessings.

I need to live my relationships IN this moment so there won’t be the would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.

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