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Author of Autumn's Grace

It’s a piece of cake

We’re almost at the nine-week mark of this school year. Nine weeks into my second year of teaching FACS. I thought this year would be so much easier, and in a way it is, but I still get just as nervous whenever we start a new project. What if I can’t explain it right? What will I do if the girls just can do it? What if they don’t even like this project? Yes, those are the questions that keep me awake at night.

We started the year with sewing pillowcase dresses for orphans. This year the dresses will be going to Africa in the spring. Most of the class started with little or no sewing experience, but they learned quickly and soon had the required three dresses made. For the most part they enjoyed sewing, but the next project is making a bag and it isn’t easy. So, I thought we’d take a little break and learn to decorate cakes. Why was I losing sleep over this one? These girls were AMAZING. My favorite part is when they hold them up for a picture and I don’t even have to say smile. The pride in their face is so fun to see. It’s those moments when I know why I love my job!

Here are a few of the pictures:

Amazing! Right? This is just a few. Look at that basket weave. I couldn’t believe she was tackling that!

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