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Author of Autumn's Grace

60 Dozens Bierocks and a Trip to Haiti!

My goal all summer has been to write some new blog posts. Well, summer ended for me on Thursday so I’m scrambling to get a post or two written!

The last week in July, I went to Haiti. Having gone in February, I knew I wanted to share about the trip. But how do you put a life-changing trip into written words?

After I got home from Haiti in February, my pastor asked me to share in church. He told me that I could have as much time as I needed and he’d alter his sermon to fit the extra time. We were late getting out of church that day and Pastor Don never preached!

When I was eleven, I felt God wanted me to be willing to do mission work. No opportunity really came until last fall when a friend suggested I travel with her and her daughter to Haiti and deliver the little dresses my FACS (Family And Consumer Science high school class) girls sew every year for orphans. With complete peace I agreed and started the process of preparing.

There’s a reason so many people return to Haiti time after time. The place and its people steal a piece of your heart. It’s hard to explain because landscape-wise, I’ve only been in and around Port-au-Prince. You can see the mountains and once in awhile, get a glimpse of the Caribbean Sea while traveling. For the most part, I’ve only seen the poorest parts of Port-au-Prince and its surrounding cities.

So I think it’s the people – mostly the children we are with in the orphan villages. But also the amazing women and men who come along beside these children to care for, support, encourage, create a home, and love these kids.

When I got to Haiti in February and drove through the crazy Haitian traffic, my mind was screaming, “They have nothing. These poor people.”

Within 24 hours, that thought had changed to. “These people have so little and yet they are content.” I don’t mean content with poverty, but content without having all the stuff I quickly clutter my life with (because a new pillow on my couch will probably bring me joy.) That kind of content.

If I’d have gone to Haiti at 11 or even 21, I might have thought I was going to make a huge difference in their lives. The reality is, at 46, I knew my life would be changed by the Haitian people and what a third world country is like. I was changed – and while it’s hard to adequately write about it, my prayer is that my life will reflect it.

Thank you to those of you who prayed for Bryce and I on this trip and the trip in February. Also a huge thank you for those of you who ordered bierocks. 60 dozen in 3 weeks! That was incredible. Thank you.

I promise another blog with pictures and stories of Haiti and its people.


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