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Author of Autumn's Grace

It’s All About the Children

Last week, I tried to explain a little about the GO Project and orphan prevention. This post is all about the children we get to love on while we are there. These are amazing kids who touch your heart.

I’ve gone with the same leader twice and as a group we decided to support two orphanages. That way we are building relationships with the same children each time we go. It was so much fun to get off the bus and find the same children I met in February waiting. When we get to a village (orphanage) our goals are to interact with the children and give the mommas a much needed break. The mommas are the women who serve these kids 24/7, making a family and home for them.

This time we took several art project to do with the kids.  I loved getting to share this with them and my mind is already planning what projects to do next time. It didn’t matter if it was the youngest child or the oldest, the joy that comes from creating was obvious!

The following photos are of the children’s projects. Be warned, these kids will steal your hearts! Enjoy!


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