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Author of Autumn's Grace

Senior Year

Senior year. It’s full of new experiences for all of us. I’ve listened as other mothers (mostly of girls) have spoken of how sad they are that this is THE year. Honestly, I’ve felt bad because it hasn’t bothered me at all. Until last night. Senior picture night. I stood and watched as the wonderful…

The sweetest three words

Last week Mark and the younger two boys went to church camp for the week, leaving Caleb and I at home together. I’ll be honest and admit I was a bit unsure how the week would go with just the two of us. I knew we even had to go school shopping during the week….

Along for the Ride

At the end of the summer we took the youth group to an amusement park and had a great time. Roller coasters are one of those things I like to do, but as soon as I sit down in that seat I wonder what I’m doing there. Is that bar going to hold tight? How…

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